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Attention us government agencies! Visit us on gsa advantage. We supply 4800 agencies today. Our contract number is gs06f-0081r Auto parts, tools, equipment and marine supplies. 40,000 part numbers and adding 20,000 more.

BioborDC + Cetane Winter

Diesel Conditioner & Performance Additive

  • Cleans up injectors and prevents deposits
  • Extends fuel filter life
  • Raises cetane
  • Prevents fuel gelling and icing
  • Controls water and prevents corrosion
  • Improves efficiency and restores power
  • Lubricates injectors and fuel pumps
  • Prevents fuel degradation and gumming
  • Increases storage stability

  • Biobor DC+Cetane Winter is a multifunctional cold-weather diesel fuel conditioner designed to enhance the stability, operability and performance of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. The components of Biobor DC+Cetane Winter provides exceptional fuel stability, added lubricity, detergency, water/corrosion control and anti-gelling. With continued use, BioborDC+Cetane enhances the performance and life of diesel fuel while protecting and cleaning vital engine components, maintaining fuel economy and reducing emissions. Biobor DC is a cost-effective diesel treatment for large users providing complete protection at concentrated treat rates.

    Available in: 1 Gallon (4 per case), 2.5 Gallon (2 per case), 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon Drum, 330 Gallon Tote

    Biobor JF

    Fuel Biocide and Lubricity Additive

  • Kills fungi and bacteria in all fuel types
  • Helps prevent filter plugging and corrosion
  • Disperses and prevents sludge
  • Adds lubricity for added protection
  • Kills in both water and fuel phase
  • Recommended by equipment manufacturers
  • Reduces injector and engine wear
  • Approved for military use (MIL-S53021A)

  • Biobor JF has been the most widely used and recommended fuel biocide and lubricity additive. Recommended by numerous major engine manufacturers, Biobor JF eliminates and prevents microbial growth in fuel and dramatically increase the life of engine filters. Additionally, Biobor JF adds lubricity back to ULSD, protecting injectors and fuel pumps while also preventing corrosion. For the life of your engine and the quality of your fuel, trust Biobor JF, the worldwide standard since 1965.

    ColdFlo with Lubribor

    Diesel Fuel Anti-gel and De-icer Plus Lubricity

  • Inhibits wax crystal growth
  • Reduces cold filter plugging
  • Reduces pour point of diesel
  • Prevents ice blocages and fuel filter icing
  • Adds lubricity
  • Reduces injector and fuel system wear
  • ULSD compliant

  • Biobor ColdFlo with Lubribor is a concentrated diesel fuel additive formulated to provide superior cold weather operability and engine protection. ColdFlo with Lubribor reduces the pour point and cold filter plug point of diesel fuel while also preventing ice and lubricating injectors and pumps. The use of this additive will enable diesel fuel to flow through filters at much lower temperatures and prevent fuel icing while also adding vital lubricity to ULSD. ColdFlo with Lubribor is specially-formulated for use in low-sulfur diesel fuels and heating oils, and is commonly used in trucks, farm equipment, locomotives, diesel boats, industrial and construction equipment.

    Available in: 32 oz. (6 per case), 1 Gallon (4 per case), 2.5 Gallon (2 per case), 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon Drum, 330 Gallon Tote

    Click here for the complete Biobor Industrial Catalog

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    After 9/11 our company decided to go after US Government contracts. We attended the first "Direct from USA" trade show in Kuwait. Our goal was to bring small American business to the Middle East. We have been to every GCC country. We found out our best customers are here in the USA. If you want to sell to the Middle East sell to Uncle Sam.

    In 1978, we as a very small business received the largest tool order for the King Khalid Military City in Al Batin, Saudi Arabia. We bid it thru the US Army Corps of Engineers. All the goods were delivered to Brooklyn. We gave AMMCO tools the largest truck drum lathe order in the history of the company. We then turned to Marine. looking for American boat manufacturers. We got together with Penn Yan in New York, and sold patrol boats to the NYPD. We went looking for a jet ski company made in the USA. We brought the first Tigershark jet ski off the line for boat races in Kuwait. The we found a rescue jetski company in Huntington Beach, CA. We introduced them them to Baywatch and they became a show regular. We also introduced the Delta jet on the front cover of the 100th Anniversary of Hammer Schlemmer's catalog. The first order came from Michael Jackson. We also introduced the owner of the jetski company to the Ambassador of the .U.A.E for the purpose of joint venture manufacturing in Al Ain, UAE. We also opened an auto parts store with a Kuwaiti partner. Kuwait American Trading Company. The largest stockholder was a woman.

    Today thru GSA we offer 20,000 part numbers in tools and equipment. We also offer 20,000 part numbers in marine supplies.We service 4200 customers. We enjoy serving those who serve best.
    Welcome home we missed you.

    Tom O'Donnell President small business, veteran owned.

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