About American Auto Parts & Marine
On 911 the screams, prayers and sighs of 3,000 Americans were smothered by fire worshippers in a minute and a half. Many victims were our friends, former employees and customers.

It is in their honor we dedicate our daily work serving the families, military, fire personel and police who guard us while we sleep. Wherever duty calls we will be there with them. We go where they go. To those returning. Welcome home. We missed you.

American Auto Parts and Marine is here to serve our consumer family day and night. We are an email away. We have an inventory of 30,000 part numbers times 2.

We have parts back to the 50's. We have over 1200 sources of supply. We hate to lose a sale and will eliminate any obstacle to giving our customer best quality, best prices and best service.

In Hoc Signo Vinces

Tom O'Donnell
president small business veteran owned